About Us


crewroom brings this website for all airline flight crew and cabin crew (as you meet in the crewroom before each flight) from around the world to network, share stories and photos.

crewroom includes all Pilots and Flight Attendants, active and retired. Its principal aim is to create and maintain friendly ties and develop the socio-cultural exchanges between its members and various social partners, within a framework of friendship and pleasant.

Entering this website means you have accepted and taken all trolls which fall in this community. The core basis and purpose of this website is to share your daily events, challenges, funny incidents, that you face in your line of work and reflect them in a humorous way.

Any post that diverts away from the purpose of this website can be deleted without prior notice by the admins. So please stick to the core and we promise you it will be safe & fun.

Fly Safe,
The crewroom Team