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American Airlines flight attendant was the target of a passenger’s road rage

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It appears that unruly passengers have transferred their anger from the sky to the ground.

An American Airlines flight attendant shared her scary experience of being chased down the motorway by a woman who obviously had a grudge against the airline on social media, crying and looking visibly scared.

Elizabeth Braley described her experience working on an international aircraft and driving home on TikTok. She mentioned that in order to decompress when driving, she typically has music playing and the windows down.

On that particular day, Braley remembered, a red sedan abruptly drove in front of her Jeep and cut her off.

@elizabethbraley4 flight attendants should not have to worry about their life trying to just get home #flightattendant ♬ original sound – Elizabeth Braley

The red vehicle repeated its actions when Braley changed lanes. The red vehicle pulled in front of Braley each time she changed lanes.

Braley observed that while all of this was going on, she and the red vehicle were traveling at a speed of roughly 80 mph on the freeway.

After a brief chase, the female driver of the red sedan exclaimed, “F— your airline!” as it drew up close to Braley’s vehicle. She began tossing trash out of her car at Braley’s.

“I understand that American Airlines is struggling with operations right now. I understand that things can go wrong with flights, delays and cancellations, but I have nothing to do with that,” a tearful Braley lamented.

Braley continued by explaining to the irate motorist that she just works for the airline and listed the difficulties facing flight attendants today, such as the excessive hours, and so on.

Braley claimed in a later video that no one suffered injuries in the road rage episode and that she had not considered calling the police.

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