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Incident: A Frontier Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a man claimed he was stabbed with a syringe by a woman

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After a passenger claimed a woman had poked him with a needle, the plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

The chaotic situation occurred on a flight from New York to Orlando, when a guy claimed that another passenger was attacking him from behind with a needle.

After allegedly yelling about being poked with needles by the woman behind him, a disruptive passenger on a Frontier Airlines aircraft to Orlando had to be detained by fellow passengers, forcing the airplane to stop in Raleigh as he was led off.

On Wednesday night, the unidentified man was flying from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Orlando when he began yelling and complaining that the woman in front of him was attempting to steal his DNA with a needle.

Another passenger told WTVD that an unruly passenger on Wednesday’s aircraft threatened a baby and stated he would kill everyone.

The commotion within the plane was captured on video, which has since been shared on social media, as at least six passengers rushed around him and tried to persuade him to stay seated.

Hey y’all, he needs to sit in his seat,’ one woman can be heard saying. ‘So don’t tie his feet like that. He needs to be able to sit in his seat.’

The man screams: ‘Don’t let me go. No!’

‘They are now fighting,’ one woman adds, with a passenger screaming, ‘Tie him up!’

After an emergency landing in Raleigh, the man was eventually removed from the plane.

Photo cover via Twitter: GOTC


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