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Incident: Hong Kong A333 and Fedex MD11 at Hong Kong on May 22nd 2020, loss of separation between ta

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A Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration B-LNM performing flight HX-765 from Hong Kong (China) to Bangkok (Thailand), was lined up on runway 25L for departure cleared for takeoff.

A Fedex Federal Express McDonnell Douglas MD-11, registration N595FE performing flight FX-9741 (dep May 21st) from Anchorage,AK (USA) to HOng Kong (China), was on final approach to Hong Kong’s runway 25L when the crew initiated a go around from about 250 feet AGL, about 0.7nm before the runway threshold, due to the Airbus A330-300 still on the runway just commencing their takeoff run.

The A330 continued their takeoff, became airborne and was restricted to climb to 2000 feet by ATC. The MD-11 overtook the A330 over the runway and was ahead of the A333 by about 0.5nm when the A333 climbed just past the runway end, the vertical separation between the aircraft was 800 feet at that point. The conflict was resolved shortly afterwards when the MD-11 had sufficiently climbed to establish more than 1000 feet vertical separation between the aircraft, at which point the A330 was cleared to continue climb, both aircraft were vectored onto diverging trajectories.

The MD-11 positioned for another approach to runway 25L and landed without further incident about 23 minutes after the go around.

The A330 continued to Bangkok for a safe landing without further incident.

Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department rated the occurrence a serious incident and opened an investigation.

Source: avherald.com

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