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INCIDENT S7 Airlines Airbus A320 suffered both windshield cracks due to hail

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A hail storm hit a S7 Airlines Airbus A320 en route to Moscow, causing both windshield cracks.

On July 3rd, a hail storm damaged both outside windshield lenses on the Airbus A320-200, registration VP-BOL, which was flying from Chelyabinsk to Moscow Domodedovo Airport.

“We were travelling to Moscow from Chelyabinsk on July 3 evening,” Mash, one of the passengers, stated. The plane was gaining altitude when it encountered turbulence and a hail shower. Despite the smashed windows, the pilots were able to properly land the plane in Moscow, and practically on time.”

After departing Chelyabinsk at 20:17 local time, the crew continued their flight to Moscow and landed safely at 20:49 local time.

The crew turned left to abort the approach at a height of roughly 1500 feet and 1 nautical mile from the runway threshold. After a complete go-around on the second approach, the A320 landed safely.

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