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Passenger Plane Suddenly Veers Towards Edge of Runway on Takeoff

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dramatic video showing a passenger plane suddenly veering towards the runway as it was accelerating for takeoff, causing the pilots to blow a tire in the process of corrective action.

The disturbing event happened at Zurich Airport on October 27, just before an Airbus A320 was ready to take off for Faro, Portugal.

The aircraft abruptly veered left toward the runway’s edge while it was moving at roughly 140 knots, according to the Aviation Herald. The aircraft was steered back towards the runway’s center line by the pilots when they rejected the takeoff.

The aircraft was shaking left and right, according to passengers, and anything that wasn’t strapped down was being thrown around the cabin. The plane was also rapidly speeding down the runway.

The airline claimed the aircraft had displayed “abnormal behaviour,” but the cause of the accident is still unknown. It’s thought that the pilots’ rejection of takeoff caused the tire to burst.

Edelweiss said in a statement: “During the take-off run, the crew had problems with directional stability and decided to abort the take-off at high speed.”

“Due to the hard braking, the brakes heated up accordingly. This resulted in a controlled release of air in the tire to prevent bursting. The aircraft will be back in service tomorrow”

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