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Prisoner Being Transported Interstate Escapes Deputies And Runs Onto Airfield

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At Denver International Airport (DEN) on Friday morning, a prisoner who had been detained on a warrant for escaping detention and was being flown from Colorado to Texas for trial managed to temporarily escape his escort officers before being captured.

The suspect, identified by local media as Brandon Lee Chabaud, was scheduled to take a commercial trip for United Airlines to Hayden from Orange County, Texas, where he is wanted for escaping a peace officer in 2019.

Multiple reports claim that Chabaud managed to get away from the Orange County deputies who had traveled to Denver to pick up their prisoner. According to reports, Chabaud was able to sprint down the steps leading to the runway and briefly escaped onto the airfield.

Chabaud was successfully captured by Denver Police Department officers, and he has since been brought into custody by the federal government. During the confrontation, one of the escorting cops suffered a minor injury.

Chabaud is accused of escaping law police during a traffic stop on June 22, 2019, according to an indictment that was submitted in Orange County.

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