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Qantas Bans Inflight Passenger Photos and Videos Without Consent

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Qantas, the flag carrier of Australia, has announced that unless they have permission, passengers are not allowed to take pictures or videos of other passengers or crew members while they are in flight.

The new regulation attempts to stop the spread of viral content on social media and safeguard the privacy of all passengers. This content could be anything from inappropriate behavior to unruly passengers creating a disturbance.

Section 12.1 of the airline’s policy regarding passengers’ behavior during flights was amended with a new clause on November 8. The clause stipulates that each passenger must abide by the following guidelines and any other reasonable instructions given by the flight crew while on board in order to guarantee the highest level of comfort, safety, and security for all passengers.

The new clause added to Qantas’ conditions of carriage states: “Seek consent before filming or photographing Qantas Group staff, contractors, or other customers.” Qantas had previously listed its usual, fairly standard rules and regulations for passengers onboard, such as following instructions from cabin crew, fastening seatbelts while seated, and abstaining from smoking and vaping.

Qantas has joined an increasing number of airlines that have implemented a policy prohibiting travelers from taking pictures of other people without their permission.

This action is in line with other airlines, like Lufthansa, which forbids filming of other passengers. According to the German carrier’s policy, filming and taking pictures while on board is only permitted if the privacy rights of those being photographed are guaranteed. The crew, however, has the right to forbid taking pictures or videos at any moment.

According to a ruling, Virgin Australia’s cabin crew is now able to determine whether or not passengers are permitted to film on board. According to the rule, travelers are only permitted to “use cameras or photographic devices (including mobile phones) for personal use.” While on board, you must abide by the flight attendants’ instructions when using cameras or other photographic equipment.

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