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Monday, February 6, 2023

Ryanair’s Spanish Cabin Crew Will Strike Four Days Per Week Until Next Year

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In a significant rise of a long-running disagreement about wages, benefits, and working conditions, numerous Ryanair cabin crew members based in Spain plan to go on strike four days per week until January 2023.

The USO and SITCPLA unions, which represent Spanish cabin crew, have previously staged a number of walkouts over the past few months, but the Dublin-based airline has so far refused to agree to their requests for increased pay and better working conditions.

Representatives of the union claimed that Ryanair had “not shown the smallest attempt” to engage in negotiations with Spanish workers, forcing them to schedule additional strikes. After the airline fired 11 striking cabin crew members, the conflict has heated up.

The unions are now requesting that the airline reinstate the fired employees and drop the disciplinary action that Ryanair managers have taken against 100 cabin crew members who participated in the walkouts in addition to better wages and working conditions.

From Monday through Thursday of each week, beginning on August 8 and lasting until January 7, 2023, employees will now go on strike.

Despite the fact that numerous flights have been canceled as a result of prior walkouts, Ryanair claims that the labor dispute has had minimal effect on its business operations and that the unions only represent a small portion of its whole Spanish cabin crew workforce.

In an effort to end the strike, Ryanair, according to the SITCPLA union, has been bringing in staff from other nations, which the organization argues is against the law. In one instance, a group of German flight attendants concealed in an airport bus while a labor inspector looked into a union complaint.

In another incident, after being flown in by Ryanair to take over flights typically run by Spanish staff, a group of Moroccan cabin crew allegedly reported themselves to the labor inspector.

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